Maitreya Bodhisattva
Maitreya Bodhisattva that appears 5.67 billion years after Buddha’s death and rescues people. At that time, he will preach three times under a tree called Dragon Flower, and is said to lead about 30 billion people to enlightenment. The poetry on the back is “Under the Dragon Flower tree, get the way to become a Buddha.” This is a new work in the spring of 2022 that elegantly and exotically expresses the beautiful and benevolent Maitreya Bodhisattva.

Color : Black
Size : S / M / L / LL(XL) / 3L(XXL)
100% Cotton / Made in Japan

Please kindly understand that the photos displayed might be different a little from the actuality.

A little loose pattern of ‘Relaxed Fit’ makes easy wearing feeling! Domestically-produced fabric which is knitted by a little thick yarn – count twenty is not only soft and pleasant, but also really durable.Strong and detailed stitching by skilled artisans withstands repeated washing and pulling. And the ribs on the collar are tripled to prevent stretching. The more you use, the more comfortable it will become. Silkscreen print gives the image high brightness! We don’t dare use oil based ink which is high in work efficiency, we use eco-friendly water based ink having soft touch. Enjoy the highly detailed beautiful images printed by Japanese artisan’s hands one by one!Please see our web-site for more details about the manufacturing process.

5 Sizes for Unisex

PLEASE NOTE : Our sizes are for Japanese, for standard US sizes, consider ONE SIZE LARGER than your normal size, ie: If you are usually a MEDIUM (M), then consider our LARGE (L) sized T-shirt.
We strongly recommend to measure with T-shirt you own.
There is a discrepancy of ¼”-¾” (0.5cm-2.0cm) depending on the preservation conditions due to the property of cotton knit.

Size Length Width Sleeve
S 23 ½
M 26 ½
7 ¾
L 28 ¾
20 ½
LL 29 ½
21 ¾
8 ¼
3L 30 ¼
22 ½
8 ¾
inch (cm)


You can wash our products as normal using washing machine, but we recommend the following ways for long time using. Please – Wash inside out. Do not iron print. Before ironing turn T-shirt inside out. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Dry in shade.


Gift Box
Every products can be enclosed in an original stylish giftbox with ribbon bag. You can easily order on the Giftbox page with small charges (just 0.98 USD for a box).
Let’s give the beautiful and high-quality ‘Japan’ to your precious person!
* Decoration of photo above is just image. Paper cushion is not included. Wrapping with paper and message card service are not available. Simple black bag with ribbon is attached to a box. You can choose the ribbon color from for male or female.


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