HARE Tenugui
Instagram campaign!

Get Free Gift!

This campaign is for customers who have purchased WAJIN products. If you post a photo of your WAJIN products on Instagram, we will give you a Tenugui - Japanese traditional towel - of HARE collection for free! without exception! Please read the following guidelines and feel free to apply! We look forward to your wonderful photos!

Application requirements


People who have WAJIN products and can take their own pictures. There are no restrictions on age or place of residence, however, only people outside Japan. The photos of third parties cannot be diverted. You have to have an Instagram account which is set to Public. Private accounts are not available. Also, accounts that are not in continuous use, or new accounts just created, accounts with extremely few followers, are not avilable. Please kindly understand that this is a campaign to raise awareness of our brand. This campaign can be used only once per person. By applying for the campaign, you agree to the terms on this page.

How to apply

1. Please post a photo introducing or using WAJIN products to your Instagram account.
2. Please add a hashtag #wajin_tshirts to your post.
3. Also, please add our Instagram account @wajin.info to your post.
4. Please follow our account @wajin.info to enable Direct Message contact.

PLEASE NOTE : If the above four points are not cleared, it will not be applicable. Please agree that your post may be used for reposting on our account.

* Please note that we may not be able to contact you or send gift if the Instagram account you used has the following changes or settings.
1) Unfollow the @wajin.info account.
2) Change Instagram account name.
3) Instagram account is set to private.
4) Withdraw from Instagram.

Campaign period

The campaign is ongoing right now. We will announce the end of the campaign 30 days in advance.

Invalid application

Applications that do not meet the above qualifications or fall under the following prohibited items will be invalid. The decision of invalidity is left to us.

Prohibited matters

The following items are prohibited when applying for this campaign.

1) Acts that violate the application rules and laws.
2) Acts that interfere with the operation of this campaign.
3) Acts that cause inconvenience, disadvantage, damage or discomfort to others.
4) Posting data that encourages obscenity, child pornography and sexual exploitation of children.
5) Providing information, advertising or soliciting for the purpose of profit.
6) Acts that violate Instagram's Terms of Service.
7) Acts that WAJIN determines to be malicious or inappropriate.
8) Other acts similar to the previous items.

After posting

After confirming your post, we will send you a Direct Message. Please access the URL provided there and specify the delivery address of the gift. Please enter that within 7 days of the guidance.

* The account we use is limited to @wajin.info, please be careful about fraudulent accounts. We do not ask for your personal information in Direct Message.


After receiving your input, we will send the gift of one Tenugui from HARE collection to you using international air mail. It is regular mail and cannot be tracked. Usually it takes 7-10 days to arrive. If you have any problems with delivery, please contact us using the contact form. It is sorry but you cannot specify the contents of the gift. Please see our store about HARE Tenugui.

* Currently, due to the influence of COVID 19, we cannot use regular airmail to some countries / areas. Please understand that if your country applies to that area, it will be sent by sea mail. We do not use private company airmail other than postal services. For the same reason, delivery may be delayed.

Privacy policy

Your personal information will only be used to contact you and ship gift. Please check our Privacy policy here.


We are not responsible for any trouble (direct or indirect) caused by participating in this campaign.
We are not responsible for the maintenance or malfunction of the services provided by Instagram.
Customers are responsible for the internet connection fee and communication fee for applying for this campaign.