The feeling of 'OKU' is said to be unique to Japan. It is often translated as 'back' or 'deep', or 'inner', but in actually, there is a slight difference between them. 'OKU' is like something that vaguely exists beyond the visible form, so that is said to be the psychological sense of distance in our mind. When we see, or listen to something, sometimes we feel the thing far away, or like our heart stretches. So, in our mind, such a large space always exists. We hope to supply the expression which makes you excited, surprised, exhilarated, and expands your space of mind.


I traveled for a long time, and the attractions of the countries I visited were, after all, their own culture. When I returned to Japan and looked at this country as if I was still traveling, I realized that the culture of this country was really cool, and also felt many people seemed unaware of its coolness. I thought it was a waste.

In September 1995, WAJIN started in a small apartment in Tokyo. We had started making T-shirts which have Japanese traditional designs printed on, to let people enjoy Japanese culture closely and freely in daily life. Two shops at Tokyo Narita International Airport started to sell our products in 2002, since then, We have come to feel that it is our role to disseminate Japanese culture overseas, even with a little power. In 2006, We opened overseas online shop, then started wholesaling to overseas retailers in 2010.

It is our dream to share the attractive and interesting aspects of Japanese culture through our products with more and more people, to do this, we will continue to engage in work seriously.

Manager / Makoto Komai


Our studio is located in an environment surrounded by the mountains of Shizuoka prefecture, where is famous for Mt. Fuji. It is a small and very old studio renovated from a 150-year-old private house. WAJIN is a family business run by an individual, so, we do not only making products, but also office work or shipping work and everything. That is why we take all responsibility for our works, and above all, we can take actions that put the customer first. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We sincerely hope our work makes you happy!


Narita International Airport Terminal 1, Central Bldg, 4th Floor, NC449
Phone : +81476327327

Fa-So-La Fujidool
Narita International Airport Terminal 1, South Wing, 3rd Floor, S5320-2
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3-28 Honmachi, Seki-shi, Gifu
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Manager : Makoto Komai

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