B. A   From : USA   01 Jan. 2019
Purchased : W-003   M size   For : Myself
Height:         weight:
Great quality t shirt with awesome service! It’s for Asian size so keep this in mind. The print is so beautiful & I’m sure adored it.
Douglas   From : Virginia USA   02 Dec. 2018
Purchased : D-003   L size   For : Myself
Height: 70 inches   weight: 185 lbs
Doing some last minute shopping at Narita Airport before my flight I came across a shop that had some really cool t-shirts. I purchased the Wajin Rinpa Raijin t-shirt. It is a great shirt. The fit is good, the color has not faded, the quality is good, and is a unique design.

I looked up Wajin online and have purchased two more shirts - Geigei and Zouchouten. These are also really good shirts and great designs.

I typically wear a men's medium tshirt (US sizin) but purchased these as men's large and they fit pretty good. Not too tight, not too loose. The pictures on the website are good and the actual shirts look much better.

It only took a couple of days to receive the order.
Webb, Lynn   From : Helena, MT USA   30 Nov. 2018
Purchased : W-009   M size   For : Gift
Height:         weight:
Not long ago I purchased two T-shirts at the Narita airport in Tokyo and was so impressed with the design and quality that I decided to order a few different designs for gifts. This design is just as nice as the other T-shirts I've purchased. Thank you for the speedy delivery, too!
Nawaz   From : Chennai,India   6 Sep. 2018
Purchased : S-004   LL(XL) size   For : Myself
Height:         weight:
This shirt is awesome. Good material and it fits perfect. You will never go wrong buying this product.
Neoxon    From : Colorado   28 Aug. 2018
Purchased : D-003   M size   For : Gift
Height:       weight:    
Ordered this for my son. He loved it. So did the kids at his school. He said he received too many compliments.