Wang Ping   From : New Taipei, Taiwan   2 Jul. 2018
Purchased : D-008   S size   For : Gift
Height:         weight:
my girlfriend likes Japanese artworks, she loves it and wears it all the time!
Harry    From : Chicago   26 Jun. 2018
Purchased : S-002   M size   For : Myself
Height: 5'7"   weight: 143lbs
The design is awesome obviously, but I am here to inform you the screen print quality is as well. I recommend to purchase the shirt.
Shaun    From : California   22 Jun. 2018
Purchased : S-003   S size   For : Myself
Height: 5'4"   weight: 128lbs
While I don't see a lot of people who have shirts like these around my area and I wanted to be a little different. When I go out in things as different as this shirt I always get people who compliment me or ask where I got it from. The designs are interesting and make the shirt really stand out.
Tin    From : Clovis, USA   18 May. 2018
Purchased : W-010   M size   For : Gift
Height:       weight:    
Bought this shirt for my boyfriend for his birthday, he had it for months now. The design is still intact after many washes. Bought the skull design and it was beautiful. My bf wear medium and is 5'5, fit is true to size.
Anita   From : New York   12 May. 2018
Purchased : W-003   S size   For : Myself
Height: 5'3"   weight: 127lbs
I am an art teacher, I have a collection of 'art' shirts. This is one of my favorites for sure!